Career counselling at Schools/Colleges

Gone are the days when parents were satisfied with the ‘education’ of their children at the end of their degree course. Today, society in general and parents in particular, measure the success of the school from the achievements of alumni. The success of alumni depends on the ‘expertise’ and ‘success’ they demonstrate in their professional career. To be an expert, one needs to hone one’s core capability. School/College authorities can help the students to understand the uniqueness of each child through appropriate measurement of their talent & passion and guide them accordingly. We closely work with schools & colleges to undertake these activities in a professional and scientific way.

The Loratis Way


We have evolved a systematic and scientific methodology with world-class psychometric assessment and well trained career counsellors. We deliver the program at the school/college campus within 4 hours of time for each student. We accurately map the abilities, interests and personality of each student and provide them with career recommendations after due analysis. Students of 8th std and above are eligible for taking up our career counselling program.

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Visit to your school/college

Complete Career Guidance in 3 Simple Steps


Online Career Tests

  • One of our executives will visit your school/college on a predetermined date and time, to conduct 3 online career tests, each for approximately 40 mins.

Data Analysis

  • Our career analysts will download career reports of each student and analyse the data to come up with the right career recommendations. Printout of career report and recommendation report is taken.

Career Discussion

  • Depending on the number of students, a team of career counsellors will visit the school/college and conduct 1-on-1 career discussion with each student and their parents. All questions will be answered.

Win-Win For All


When the students understand themselves and parents understand their child, the future course of action becomes clear and smooth. The clarity about the career path induces more energy and motivation among students, thereby leading to bright academic and professional career paths. All the stakeholders are winners in the following way:

Right Stream, Subjects, Degree and Specialisation

Right Job, Industry and Areas of Expertise

Right Strategy for Rightly Defined Goals

Areas of Personality & Skill Improvements

Happy and Successful Students

Proud and Satisfied Parents

Glorious Alumni for the School/College!

Data to Justify Subject-wise Marks

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our experts

The career counseling program for school students works as follows:
  • Step 1. School shares names and email IDs of concerned students with us.
  • Step 2. We send career tests to all students through their email ID.
  • Step 3. Students complete online tests at their home or in a computer lab.
  • Step 4. Our experts conduct 1on1 counseling sessions at school or through a video call.

Schools generally finalize the fee for a student with us. The parents are then asked to register by paying this fee to the school coordinator. The coordinator pays the same to us as per the terms and conditions of payment.

An average of 12-15 students can be addressed per day for 1-on-1 counseling at school. However, the number can be higher for group career counseling.

Once the students complete the test, after 15 days, our career expert will travel to the school on a predetermined date and time to conduct a group career counseling session. On average, an effective group career counseling program can be conducted for 60 students in 90 min, including a Q & A session.