School Level Programs

At retail-level the individual students along with their parents visit our office and take our services as described in various other sections of our website. We, however, believe that schools play the Most Important Role in shaping the careers of students and build the necessary Foundation for their Success and happiness in future.

Loratis Career Planning, Counselling, and Guidance Program

As part of this program the school takes the initiative and avail our services for the entire batch of students - all of the from 9Th to 12th standards students or any one class of students, say 10th standard.

  • Visit to your school

    Loratis team makes first visit to your school campus for assessment

  • 3-hour Psychometric testing

    Students are administered a 3 part Online/paper-pencil test

  • Career report for each student

    A personalized report with top3-5 career for each student is generated

  • Face-2-face Discussion

    Loratis team visits the school for the second time for discussion with each student & his/her parents about successful career

The Final Outcome:

A Well-defined Academic Career Path
Professional Career Path
Successful and Happy Life
Glorious Alumini for the School!


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