Career as a Social Research Scientists

Social Scientists conduct studies and interpret research data about human society. Continue reading to learn more about educational requirements, skill sets, career prospects and salary potential for social scientists. Social Science Researchers are the maestros of research into social science areas. They spend their days organizing, managing and carrying out research into areas such as education, health care, population structure, social care, unemployment, gender, and the environment. Social Researchers design and set up programmed of investigation. They conduct research through various means, such as focus groups, surveys and interviews, and record and analyses the results using statistical techniques and packages. They might then be required to prepare written summaries, contribute to research publications and put together oral or poster presentations.

  • Working hours are pretty regular, although social science researchers might find themselves putting in some extra hours at certain parts of a project, particularly near the project deadline. Social researchers might work for academic institutions, independent .research institutes, local authorities, the government, health authorities or market research organizations.

  • Bachelor's sometimes sufficient for entry level positions.
  • Master's or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in related fields.

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