Career as a Medical Product Designer

Medical Product Designers use their design skills and technical knowledge to improve the way that existing medical products work and look, and/or produce them at a lower cost. They may also be involved in designing entirely new products like BP measuring instruments, Thermometer, Insulin pump etc. Product Designers discuss designs with colleagues and clients, as well as working closely with engineers, model makers, sales and marketing staff and other skilled people. They use drawings, 3-D models and computer designs to express their ideas. They should understand technology, production methods and materials, and be able to meet deadlines and work within budgets. Medical Product Designer does research for existing product or work on new product. Their responsibilities include meeting clients or colleagues to discuss the design brief, working closely with engineers, model makers, sales and marketing staff and other skilled people, understanding technology, production methods and materials. They also work on making sketches of ideas by hand or computer, and developing the most effective ideas into detailed drawings using specialist computer software, ordering samples or working models of designs and producing reports and presenting their ideas to colleagues and clients at various stages of the design process. They modify their ideas according to the feedback they receive at these sessions, Oversee the testing of the chosen design.

  • Product Designers usually work additional hours may be required as deadlines approach. Freelance and contract work are common, and there may be some opportunities to work part time. The work environment is usually office or workshop. Product designers may also spend some time in the factories where the items are made, these may be noisy, dusty or dirty. They have to work in environment with chemicals. Individuals working for companies that design products for foreign markets may have the opportunity for overseas travel.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering, Designing, Technology or related field.

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