Career as a Mechanical Engineering Technician

Mechanical Engineering Technicians serve primarily as problem solvers and troubleshooters in the manufacture, fabrication, and ongoing maintenance of machinery and automated equipment. The technologist typically works at fabrication and assembly of equipment parts according to design specifications. They works with customers and design documentation, as well as ensure that machinery and automated processes perform to standards. The technologist typically works within these design specifications to fix customer issues and help make machinery work more safely and efficiently. Technician also assists in equipment repair in manufacturing plants, and they may be called upon to assess solutions in the case of unexpectedly high machine failures. The mechanical engineering technician then creates schematics and drawings consistent with the equipment's design specifications and fabricates and assembles parts as needed. The duties of Mechanical Engineering Technicians/Technologist includes to write detailed specifications of parts and products from designs or actual mechanical systems, install equipment and train other technicians in use and interpretation of equipment. They also assemble, build, or prepare products and/or facilities for manufacture and inspect and review prototypes, vendor parts, and line assembled pieces for fit to specifications and measurements.

  • Persons holding this job typically work in manufacturing or fabrication plants. Mechanical engineering technicians usually work in workshops, factories, power plants, building sites or offices. They typically work during regular business hours. Some mechanical engineering technicians may work shifts, which can include nights and weekends. Because most mechanical engineering technologists regularly work with heavy equipment, it is important for them to understand and observe safety procedures at all times.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technician.

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