Career as a Manager - Hospitality Sector

In Hospitality, a manager is the person who manages and coordinates all the different departments in an establishment in the hospitality or restaurant sector. Their role is to define the commercial and management strategy of the establishment in line with profit targets, the quality charter and hygiene and safety norms. It is a profession which requires a constant presence and the tasks involved can vary depending on the type of establishment managed. A Hospitality Manager defines the commercial strategy of the establishment in which they work. They prepare budgets, monitor operating profits or losses, are responsible for the hotel’s accounting and administrative management and set the objectives that must be reached in order to maintain and increase the establishment’s turnover. Specific duties often vary based on the actual job title type of establishment. For instance, food service managers, who may work in sit-down or takeout restaurants, are typically responsible for hiring, training and scheduling employees and ensuring that food is properly prepared and delivered. They often investigate customer complaints and may also deal with the legal and financial aspects of the business. They create promotional plans to ensure that the hotel is at full capacity. They coordinate and control all the establishment’s departments and make sure that quality, hygiene and safety procedures are respected. They are also responsible for recruitment. A manager recruits and trains the personnel who work in their establishment. They must also organize the work of the different departments. Knowing how to satisfy customers and gain their loyalty is a job that a manager carries out on a daily basis. They also take part in professional trade fairs or work with travel agencies, local authorities and tour operators in order to bring in new customers and maintain the best possible relationship with key players in the hospitality field. Many MNCs and some of the larger IT companies employ hospitality management professionals to coordinate guest arrivals, meetings, dining and departure, while at their premises.

  • Managers in hospitality sector work in hotels, motels, caravan parks, hostels, MNCs etc. Most hospitality managers work indoors, in an office or lobby area, however, in some cases they may be required to work outdoors, carrying out or supervising maintenance, or supervising the outdoor operations of a holiday resort. These managers may be required to work shifts, which can include working nights and on weekends. Alternatively, they may work on-call, to be available to deal with issues that arise with guests at any time.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism or related field.

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