Career as a Landscape Designer

Landscape Designer plan and design landscape areas for a host of projects. They are also called as Landscape architect. They combine design skills with an understanding of science to create functional, sustainable and manageable landscapes and other outdoor spaces that reflect the requirements of their clients. They may work on projects such as parks, playgrounds, sports complexes, holiday resorts, housing sub divisions, schools and other commercial, industrial and residential sites. A Landscape Architect will work with their client to meet the vision they have for their outdoor space. Landscape architects design the aesthetic layout of golf courses and shopping malls as well as other public places. They can also be hired privately to design the landscaping of homes and gardens. Landscape architects can also choose to work in the environmental field designing conservation lands, such as wetlands, and participating in historic restoration endeavors. Once the designs are drawn up, a landscape architect will then usually build a model of the space. These models are very detailed, and they will include components such as trees, structures, walkways, and bodies of water. Building these models helps a client to better see how their space will look once it has been built. Landscape Architects often work and collaborate with engineers, architects, surveyors, community planners, biologists, aerologists, foresters and other professionals. They don't get involved in the hard labor. That work is completed by contractors/workers; however, they do oversee the work to make sure it is all going according to plan. The job of the landscape architect is to come up with the vision for the outdoor space and to draw up the plans in explicit detail so they can be easily read and followed by the workers.

  • Landscape Designer works in offices or studios, as well as outdoors. While most of the actual drawing of designs takes place in an office environment, landscape architects must also visit clients to assess sites and gather information on soil type, pre-existing vegetation and the shape of the land. Landscape designers generally work standard office hours, however when working to deadlines they may also have to work weekends and evenings. Landscape designers often work as part of a team and also have to interact with clients, other architects, engineers, community members, contractors and anyone else involved with a particular project.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture
  • Master’s Degrees in Landscape Architecture.

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