Career as a Quality Control Manager (in Fashion Design)

A Quality Control aims to ensure that the product at the fashion or retail company is fit for its purpose and meets customer expectations. The Quality control Manager monitors and advises on how the quality management system is performing and publishes data and reports regarding the fashion or retail company’s performance against set indicators. Where appropriate, the quality manager advises on changes and their implementation and provides training, tools and techniques to enable others to achieve quality. A Quality Control Manager is involved in a variety of different quality control processes. They check fabrics for flaws and defects make sure that colors are correct and examine the strength of the final product. In the apparel and footwear sectors, they check that seams and/or stitching are neat and strong, and verify that all products are produced to the same size and standard. The quality manager is a very important official in a garment factory. Customer satisfaction, reputation of the company, to a large extent, depends upon him. Quality Control Manager need to keep accurate track of products checked, sometimes carrying out a statistical analysis. They often produce written reports for the production team and have regular meetings to discuss how quality standards can be maintained, or highlight problem areas that require review. Quality Control Managers are in charge of making sure their employer's products meet acceptable quality standards. In their day-to-day tasks, these managers perform aspects of several jobs, including some of the work done by business administrators and human resource managers. Quality control managers make certain that production and manufacturing lines perform efficiently, coordinate employee efforts, and facilitate communications between management and production departments. They also devise ways of improving the manufacturing process to ensure higher-quality goods. Checking the quality of products within a production run, producing reports of the findings, attending meetings to present feedback and recommendations are duties of Fashion quality Control Manager.

  • Quality Control Inspectors are usually based in a warehouse, factory or finishing room and can spend time in an office. They usually work for regular working hours a week. This is often in the form of a shift pattern and evening, night and weekend work may be required. It may be possible to work part-time or overtime.

  • A Bachelor degree in Fashion Designing and related filed.
  • Masters of Business administration in Fashion designing or related field.

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