Career as an Event Organizer

An Event Organizer is the person who schedules an event, and usually the person that runs it and reports it. Organizers make sure their events run smoothly, and if there are any problems, they resolve them. They are responsible for the event from start to finish. Whether it is a wedding, educational conference, or business convention, meetings and events bring people together for a common purpose. Meeting, convention, and event planners work to ensure that this purpose is achieved seamlessly. They coordinate every detail of events, from beginning to end. Event organizer also search for potential meeting sites, such as hotels and convention centers. They consider the lodging and services that the facility can provide, how easy it will be for people to get there, and the attractions that the surrounding area has to offer. Once a location is selected, organizers arrange meeting space and support services. They organize speakers, entertainment, and activities. They also oversee the finances of meetings and conventions. On the day of the event, planners may register attendees, coordinate transportation, and make sure meeting rooms are set up properly. Event planners select event dates, establish locations and arrange accommodations and transportation for event participants. Other common event planning duties include drawing up contracts, arranging catering and decorating services and ensuring that the costs of events remain within structured budgets. Event Organizers are responsible for creating the event, booking site, advertising, recruiting qualified staff, dealing with any problems on the day of the event, cleaning up the play area when the event is over, reporting the results in a timely fashion.

  • Primarily employed by events management companies, event organizers tend to work with a range of clients across the public sector, private sector and third sector. However, some event organizers may work in-house for large multinational corporations, while others work on a freelance basis. Event organizers usually work in offices, but can spend a large amount of their time in venues where the events that they plan are held. They are often required to travel some distance to the places where these events are held. Conference and event organizers are often present at the events that they plan and organize, and therefore are often required to work in busy environments with large numbers of people. Most meeting, convention, and event organizers work full time. In addition, many are required to work long, irregular hours in the time leading up to a major event. Sometimes, they must work on weekends.

  • Bachelor's Degree (preferred) in Communications, Hospitality, Marketing, Business, Public Relations, or a related field.

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