Career as a Sound Designer

Sound Designers create sounds for film, television, theater, video games and music. Regardless of whether one plays a musical instrument. On a day-to-day basis, Sound Designers mainly work with their “peers in the audio department, but also work directly with Programmers, Game Designers, Creature Designers, Level Designers, Animators, Production and external Composers.” Sound Designers are responsible for the overall sound for a production. They create sound effects and edit musical scores. In the post-production stage of a soundtrack, they may add or remove ambient noise. Video game sound effects can greatly enhance the realism and excitement of the medium. The spend time manipulating the original recordings using synthesizers, samplers and audio plug-ins. This is a highly creative, experimental part of the job.

  • Sound designers mainly work in a sound studio, either their own or that of a production company. Sound Designers may be employed by Audio Post Production Houses, or work on a freelance basis. Sound Designers work long hours to meet a demanding schedule of deadlines.

  • Bachelor’s in Sound Design
  • Master’s in Sound Design
  • Diploma in Sound Design.

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