Career as an Office Manager

An Office Manager is someone who is responsible for organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of an office. They must be skilled at supervising other employees in a fair, consistent manner. A manager's duties may also include hiring and firing employees, as well as resolving disputes or any other issues that may come up among employees. Office Managers make sure that the office runs smoothly, which includes keeping supplies in stock, making sure administrative and office staff are doing their job, working with vendors, planning events, making sure the facilities are clean, orderly, and safe, and analyzing supply and energy consumption to determine cost-saving and efficiency savings. Office Manager's duties can vary significantly based on the size and type of organization of employment. Duties also might include evaluating office procedures and looking for more efficient ways of conducting processes. Organizing meetings and arranging appointments, typing, and dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries, booking transport and accommodation, ordering stationery and furniture, preparing letters, presentations and reports, supervising and monitoring the work of secretarial are responsibilities of office manager. clerical and administrative staff, managing office budgets, liaising with staff, suppliers and clients, implementing and maintaining procedures/office administrative systems, delegating tasks to junior employees and organizing induction programs for new employees is also included in duties of office manager. Some office managers may take on accounting responsibilities. In these cases, office managers may be required to oversee payroll expenses, send invoices, and process paperwork.

  • Typically, any organization with more than a few members of staff may employ an office manager. Employers include hospitals, universities, financial institutions, local authorities. government, charities, small businesses, retailers, manufacturers, major companies, and media firms. Their work is almost always indoors and may involve the use of computers or forms of information management like filing systems or databases. As offices are almost always group environments, office managers require the skills needed to work with a range of people from different backgrounds. Long hours may be required and/or travel may be required.

  • Bachelor's / Master’s Degree in Business related field.

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