Career as a Human Resource Manager (Payroll)

Human Resource Payroll Managers are specialists within the human resources field who oversee the daily payroll processes of an organization. These processes include issuing employee paychecks, recording leaves of absence, verifying number of hours worked and keeping records of changes in employment. Payroll administrators perform most of their work with computers and must keep track of employee information using accounting, database and spreadsheet software programs. The Payroll Manager takes on an important role in an organization or company. He is tasked to manage processing as well as disbursement of payroll based on the federal and state laws. He is to make sure that the payroll staff is working effectively and efficiently. The payroll manager handles payroll analysis, evaluations of tax and benefits procedures, make necessary recommendations, and implement the necessary changes. Other activities such as audits, reconciliation of data, implementation of payroll and benefits system, and management reports are done by the payroll manager. Depending on the complexity of the structure of the organization, payroll managers are often involved in a lot of key decision making in the company. They ensure that the appropriate amount of take home pay has been accurately paid to each employee, and that the correct and appropriate amount or percentage has been deducted from the gross pay, in accordance with all regional and local regulations. Another function they perform is that they help the HR department orientate new employees when they are hired. They set how many new employees will be paid and the frequency of payment, and also set how much needs to be deducted from their final paycheck. When employees are promoted or demoted, payroll managers help to adjust their paychecks and other bonuses accordingly. The Payroll Manager is also in charge of retirement benefits and funds, or stock funds, if the company offers any of these services. He or she will be the one answering questions from employees and enlightening them on the right steps to take and the appropriate procedure to follow. Payroll Manager often provide accounting support to a company’s other finance personnel, such as the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Accounting and Reporting departments.

  • As a Human Resource Payroll Manager, whether they work in a large company or a small business, the payroll administrator position is an office job with predictable job requirements. They can either be directly employed by a corporation or business, or work for an outsourced payroll processing service that provides comprehensive payroll, accounting and tax solutions to many companies.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or Creative Writing. Depending on the subject matter, content writers might need a Degree and knowledge in a particular field.

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