Career as a Elementary Teacher

An Elementary School Teacher is a person trained to educate children from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. They are responsible for the educational and emotional growth of children in a classroom setting, as well as managing the materials and resources used for educating them. An elementary school teacher performs a variety of tasks during their workday. These tasks vary depending on the grade of the students they work with. The average elementary school holds classes for students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade, with some schools also offering prekindergarten classes. An Elementary Teacher helps young children develop social skills and positive learning habits in an enthusiastic, stimulating, and positive classroom environment. This can be a rewarding career, as elementary educators help foster the social and intellectual development of their students. Most elementary school teachers lead a single class of children through the school day. Many elementary school lesson plans are activity-based, though teachers will supplement learning with more formal lessons to prepare children for later education. In addition to planning instruction and supporting activities, teachers in elementary schools interact frequently with students’ parents and guardians with progress reports, teacher meetings, and phone calls. Elementary school teachers also participate in continuing professional education on a regular basis to keep skills current and discuss new ideas to utilize in classroom learning. Elementary educators are expected to prepare lesson plans and teaching guides that follow local, state, and federal standards to help students develop socially and academically. Lesson plans must include age-appropriate activities designed to stimulate young minds and aid the learning process. Teaching methods and materials must prepare students for advancement by ensuring fundamental standards for a given grade level have been met or exceeded.

  • An Elementary School Teacher works in public or private schools across the world, teaching students who range in age from five years old to 12 years old. These teachers teach in classrooms within the school setting, providing children with the necessary building blocks for further learning.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Education.
  • B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education).
  • D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education).
  • D.Ed. (Diploma in Education).

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