Career as an Automation Engineer

Automation Engineers are in charge of creating an effective production workflow in their organization. They implement complex electrical and mechanical installation support to ensure efficient equipment output and strict compliance with safety regulations. In addition, they handle daily technical support requests for improving special machinery functioning. As they are also responsible of planning and executing company initiatives, they should know the assembly process for different industry machinery. Most automation engineers handle workers' training in the use of manufacturing equipment. They must have current and advanced knowledge of different programming language syntax to deal with automated machinery issues. Most Automation Engineers handle automated machinery and robot optimization. They must adhere to company and industry regulations while also participating in the implementation of new procedures. Their main tools are a personal computer for creating efficient automation strategies, as well as proprietary software for connecting and troubleshooting different production equipment. They report their progress to senior-level individuals and managers in their department. The duties of Automation Engineers typically includes to develop, deploy, and manage automation at production facilities. They also resolve supply chain, software, and warranty issues, and manage operational activities and partnerships to ensure secure supply chain.

  • Automation Engineers generally work in an office environment, however trips to the field and remote sites are required. Automation Engineers will often work in a team environment with other professionals, and may be in a position where they will be supervising staff. In mining they can expect to work closely with other engineers such as mining engineers and environmental engineers

  • B.Tech. in Mechanical ,Electrical, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering.
  • Master Degree in Automation Engineering.

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