Career as an Animator

Animators are artists who use sequential images/ of drawings, puppets and models to produce films for commercials, computer games, pop music videos and websites. Animation is the art of creating moving images/. This line of work is all about creating a series of individual ‘frames’, which make images/ come to life when they are flicked through in rapid succession. Previously, animation was done manually, with animators drawing multiple frames to depict a single action, i.e. the kind of animation that you witnessed during a typical scene from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Tom and Jerry. Today, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has mostly replaced manual animation, but a significant amount of artistic talent is still required. Animators are employed in various segments of the entertainment industry, including film, television and video games. To create awesome animation, they firstly need to read the script and break the story down into individual storyboards. Animators create films for production companies, major animation studios and computer games companies. Typical responsibilities of the job includes to working creatively to produce original and aesthetically pleasing designs and solutions, using specialist computer generation software such as Maya, Flash and After Effects, presenting designs to customers for evaluation and promoting and running the business. They are also engaged in negotiating contracts and liaising and working effectively with other design and production staff.

  • The working hours are regular office hours, as deadlines approach, sometimes they may need to work overtime, including at the weekend. Flexi time is quite common. The work is mainly office or studio-based, with animators working alone on their assigned frames, before collaborating with other animators to put the whole sequence together. Some travel may be required, especially for experienced and reputed animators working on overseas projects.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Animation, Art and Design, Computer-Aided Engineering, Film and Video, Graphic Design/Illustration, Multimedia, Spatial Design, 3D Design.

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