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Our expert will conduct an inquiry into your career challenges through qualitative interaction and quantitative report to arrive at a problem definition. He/she will understand your academic and employment history as well. Before our expert talks to you, you need to complete an online assessment test of approx 30-min duration. The respective report will be analysed and explained to you. The expert will accordingly suggest an appropriate solution, process, timelines and fee structure applicable to you.

Choose how you want the sessions to be conducted:

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Only available in Bangalore and Pune


  • Payment

    (Your Career is Precious)
  • Initial Information

    (Your Uniqueness is Important)

    Please fill in a simple form sent to your email and describe your Hobbies, Interests, Dreams and Aspirations.

  • Online Psychometric Test

    (Your Shortcut to Success)

    On submission of the above form, you will get an email with the test link. Complete the test seriously.

  • Get Your Report

    (Know 'Who You Are')

    Download the report from the same email, and understand your yourself.

  • Discuss with our Expert

    (Have your 50-min meeting)

    Our expert will conduct an inquiry into your career challenges through qualitative interaction and quantitative report to arrive at a problem definition. Schedule the appoinment with the link on the same email.

Overall, this service includes:

Your Report


Measures and describes 18 personality dimensions.
Developed by Dr. Douglas Jackson (PhD, Purdue University, USA).
Can be downloaded instantly after the completion of the assessment (test).
It is self-explanatory and reader-friendly.
Plays an important role in the long-term.
Will give you an idea about ‘who you are’ (a complete self-awareness).
Taken up & proven on more than 2 million people world-wide.
Tested by us for the last 9 years.
Takes approximately 30-min to complete.
No preparation is required.

A Detailed Discussion session

(Have a 50-min session with our expert)

Once you complete the assessment (test) schedule an appointment for the discussion-session through the link provided in the same email. The selected slot will/should only be after 3-days from the date of completion of the tests. E.g. if you complete a test on 2nd of December, then the discussion can happen on or after 6th of December. The discussion session will be a 50-min long session with the Career Expert, where he/she will help you better understand the report and have a detailed discussion over it.

Please note: (1). If the candidate’s abilities, interests and personality factors are misaligned (not in the same direction) as per the Main Report, then an additional session of discussion may be required. As per our experience, 10% of students require an additional session. Student & parents may decide about this after the final report discussion. The additional session will come with an additional fee. (2). In this session, the expert will not cover any Clinical Issues (psychological/psychiatric-treatment or medication-related case issues). Our Expert will also not get into issues associated with learning disabilities, childhood-incidents /upbringing, parental other influences, and issues like, ‘why the candidate is behaving like this today’

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