Career as a Sports Coach


Sports Coaches/Instructors help children and adults to realize their potential in a sporting discipline through the provision of instruction, advice and encouragement. Coaches are responsible for planning, organizing and delivering an appropriate range of sports activities and programmes for individuals and teams. As a sports coach or instructor, they primary job will be to provide expert training for athletes. they’ll be assisting their skills development and ensuring peak performance and fitness are achieved during crucial times, such as competitions, tournaments, matches, trials and qualifying events.

Typical responsibilities include:
● Teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques
● Monitoring and enhancing performance by providing tuition, encouragement and constructive feedback
● Identifying strengths and weaknesses
● Advising about health and lifestyle issues
● Developing training programmes
● Undertaking administrative tasks
● Assisting with sports promotion/development.
● Scouting prospective athletes and opposing teams
● Ensuring that athletes are safe at all times
● Monitoring the progression of injured athletes
● Arranging training camps and try-outs
● Conducting player and parent meetings
● Planning and directing fitness programs for players
● Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of individual athletes and opposing teams
● Preparing strategies for specific games
● Overseeing fundraising efforts.

Work Environment

A Sports Coach’s job does not involve your typical nine-to-five, Monday to Friday routine. Early starts are the norm during the playing season, with training sessions. Additional training sessions are also likely to take place in the evenings. Matches and competitions are often scheduled in the evenings and during weekends when maximum crowds are expected. Travelling for away matches or competitions is also a frequent occurrence during the playing season. Some coaches may even have to travel internationally for major events and tournaments.

Entry Level Education

Minimum qualification for sports coach is 12th class with Physical Education as one subject.

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