Career as a Software Testing Engineer


Software Testing Engineers are often called 'QA engineers' because they provide quality assurance for computer applications or system software. Test engineers use preexisting testing tools or design new tools to ensure that programs work before they are used by internal or external clients. Test engineers are generally involved in all stages of the development of a program.

During the design phase of a project, they may bring knowledge gained by testing previous programs to help new releases be compatible with older versions. This allows for a smooth transition from the program's testing to use phases. During the development phase, they may test parts of programs, seeking to provide solutions for any problems raised as the project is coded.

Software Testing Engineers check programs for their functionality. A Testing Engineer's job includes designing, building and implementing effective testing strategies. Testing engineers utilize three types of testing strategies which are known as black box, white box and gray box testing.

The responsibilities of Software Testing Engineers includes to analyzing the requirements from the client, participating in preparing Test Plans, preparing test scenarios, preparing test cases for module, integration and system testing. They also preparing test data’s for the test cases and preparing test environment to execute the test cases. Analyzing the test cases prepared by other team members, executing the test cases and defect tracking. They also provide giving mandatory information of a defect to developers in order to fix it, preparing summary reports. It also involves preparing suggestion documents to improve the quality of the application and communication with the Test Lead / Test Manager then, conducting review meetings within the team.

Work Environment

Software Testing Engineers usually work in the comfortable surroundings of an office or lab, with some nights and weekends depending on deadline requirements, or group meeting times. Employers may include computer systems design companies, computer and electronics manufacturers, or software publishers. Software quality assurance engineers can spend very long periods sitting in front of a computer typing or looking at programming code. Most testing engineers read technical journals and attend conferences or web-based seminars.

Entry Level Education

Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering, Computer Software Engineering or Computer Science.

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