Career as a School Counselor


A School Counselor is a member of the education team, and is someone who gives valuable assistance to students, helping them with their academic goals, their social and personal development, and with their career development. They work in public or private elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

School Counselors as a whole may perform a large list of duties, some of which includes to counseling students with disciplinary issues, giving suggestions to teachers, helping students with academic planning and providing interpretation to a student's record. They Help students understand and overcome social or behavioral problems through individual and group counseling. And also set realistic academic and career goals and develop a plan to achieve them. School Counselor Work with students to develop skills such as organization, time management, and effective study habits. They Evaluate students’ abilities and interests through aptitude assessments and interviews and Develop strategies with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students succeed. Teaching classes on topics such as bullying, drug abuse, and planning for college or careers after graduation and Identify and report possible cases of neglect or abuse are also included in duties of school counselor.

School Counselors assist students at all levels, from elementary school to college. They act as advocates for students well-being, and as valuable resources for their educational advancement.

Work Environment

School counselors work in private and public schools at every level. They often have private offices so that they can have confidential conversations with students. School counselors generally work full time and have summers off when school is not in session.

Entry Level Education

Master’s Degree in Psychology.

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