Career as a Radar and Sonar Technician


Radar and Sonar Technician operate equipment using radio or sound wave technology to identify, track, and analyze objects or natural phenomena of military interest. Includes airborne, shipboard, and terrestrial positions. May perform minor maintenance. Radar and Sonar devices work by bouncing radio or sound waves off objects to determine their location and measure distance. They have many uses, such as tracking aircraft and missiles, determining positions of ships and submarines, directing artillery fire, forecasting weather, and aiding navigation. Radar and sonar operators monitor sophisticated equipment. They normally specialize in either radar or sonar.

Work Environment

Radar and Sonar operators in the military primarily work indoors in security-controlled areas. They work in operations centers and command posts either on land or aboard aircraft, ships, or submarines. Some may work in a mobile field radar unit.

Entry Level Education

  • BE/ B.Tech (Engineering)
  • ME/ M.Tech./ MS (Engg/ Sciences)
  • In order to become a submarine Radar and Sonar Technician need to complete specialized Navy training and have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

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