Career as a Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineers design, develop and make tools, machines and other mechanical devices. They are involved in this process from the initial design right through to the manufacture and installation of the final product. Mechanical engineers can work on a variety of projects, from designing mechanical hearts used in the medical industry, to car engines, through to designing and improving the production processes at mine sites. When designing machines they must take into account the cost to build and run a finished design, availability of materials and strength and maintenance requirements. To ensure the necessary standards are met they must regularly test designs, which can involve building a working prototype, and making necessary adjustments based on its performance.

Mechanical Engineers analyze problems to see how a mechanical device might help solve the problem. They Design or redesign mechanical devices, creating blueprints so the device can be built. Developing a prototype of the device and test the prototype and Analyzing the test results and change the design as needed are duties of mechanical engineer. They oversee the manufacturing process.

The technical subject areas that form the main basis for their work include mechanics, energy transfer and conversion, design and manufacturing, and the engineering sciences. Through clever use of analysis, modeling, design, and synthesis, they solve important problems to improve quality of life. Mechanical engineers work on teams responsible for developing a wide range of products and systems including, for example, space shuttle vehicles, aircraft of all sizes and shapes, automobiles, turbines, pumps, power plants, and factories. Like other engineers, mechanical engineers use computers extensively. Computers help mechanical engineers to produce and analyze designs, simulate and test how a machine is likely to work, generate specifications for parts, and monitor the quality of products, and control manufacturing and production.

Work Environment

Mechanical Engineers work mostly in engineering services, research and development, manufacturing industries, and the federal government. The rest are employed in general-purpose machinery manufacturing, automotive parts manufacturing, management of other companies, and testing laboratories. Mechanical engineers generally work in professional office settings. They may occasionally visit work sites where a problem or piece of equipment needs their personal attention.

Entry Level Education

  • UG courses leading to the B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree of 4 years duration.
  • PG courses leading to the M.Tech (Master of Technology) degree of 2 years duration.
  • Diploma courses leading to the polytechnic diploma of 3 years duration.

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