Career as a Mechanical Drafter


Mechanical Drafters prepare technical drawings of machinery, robotics, and other mechanical devices in industries such as manufacturing. This usually involves the use of computer aided design (CAD) software.

The duties of Mechanical Drafter typically includes to generate CAD drawings and bill of materials, review work on engineering designs for manufacturability, accuracy and completeness and create detailed piece part drawings that meet Engineering standards

Work Environment

The majority of a Mechanical Drafter's working hours are spent on a computer, running simulations which require constant modifications to mathematical equations and algorithms. Deadlines are of extreme importance in this field, so a mechanical drafter should expect to work more to meet deadlines approach. Mechanical drafters must work well with little supervision, have excellent concentration, and have attention to mathematical detail. Mechanical drafter work in both the private and public sectors; their institutions can range from small start-up tech companies to well known institutions.

Entry Level Education

  • Diploma in Drafting and Designing (Mechanical)
  • UG Diploma in Engineering Design and Drafting.

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