Career as an Investment Fund Manager


The job of an Investment Fund Manager is to manage the investments of their clients, whether they are individuals or businesses. They are responsible for their client’s money and thus must be very careful that they only grow their investments, and not the other way around.

Investment Fund Managers usually have a place in senior management, and make financial decisions that are very difficult to make money for their clients. It is their job to invest in different financial markets such as stocks, bonds, money market funds etc.

Investment Fund Managers plan out an investment plan for their clients and depending upon the individual or business’s needs, the fund manager will evaluate which investment options are best suited for that client. It is the goal of an investment fund manager to make their clients assets grow. They must meet the client to determine what investment strategy will fit their needs.

Investment Fund Managers can choose to approach the investment in a risky or a more cautious way after determining what the client wants. They must also update their clients to assure them that their investment is in good hands, and is making money.

Investment Fund Managers must evaluate the risk associated with each investment before making a smart decision. They must also monitor the different investments and their progress every day. Moreover, fund managers must manage different departments such as operations and finance to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Work Environment

Investment Fund Managers usually work very long hours in a week, although this may vary depending upon the work load at that point. These managers spend their days in a comfortable office environment working on their computers or laptops. Investment Fund Managers also spend a large portion of their time making contacts, converting them into clients, and then maintaining their clients. Along with this, these managers may travel infrequently to visit large clients.

Entry Level Education

Bachelor’s / Master’s in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Statistics, or any other related fields.

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