Career as an Investment Banker


An Investment Banker is an individual who works in a financial institution that is in the business primarily of raising capital for companies, governments and other entities, or who works in a large bank's division that is involved with these activities, often called an investment bank. Investment bankers may also provide other services to their clients such as mergers and acquisition advice, or advice on specific transactions, such as a spin-off or reorganization.

Investment Bankers perform a variety of roles, from advising clients on financial strategy to raising money for businesses. An investment banker serves as a facilitator between a company and investors when the company wants to issue stock or bonds. The investment banker assists with pricing financial instruments so as to maximize revenue and with navigating regulatory requirements.

There is a typical hierarchy of positions in investment banking, which is as follows, from most junior to most senior: Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Senior Vice President, Managing Director. While investment bankers often work on large asset management projects with other companies, they may engage in wealth management for individuals as well.

Work Environment

The financial industry is known for its high stress environment and demanding hours. You could face regular deadlines and competition from your peers. Because you may be working in groups with other analysts or associates, networking and social skills are an asset. If working on higher position in this field you may need travel frequently.

Entry Level Education

Bachelor's / Master's Degree may preferred in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or related area.

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