Career as an Industrial Safety Health Engineers


Plan, implement, and coordinate safety programs, requiring application of engineering principles and technology, to prevent or correct unsafe environmental working conditions.

Health and Safety Engineers develop procedures and design systems to protect people from illness and injury and property from damage. They combine knowledge of engineering and of health and safety to make sure that chemicals, machinery, software, furniture, and other products will not cause harm to people or damage to property.

The job duties of Industrial Safety & Health Engineers includes to maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes. They also recommend process and product safety features that will reduce employees' exposure to chemical, physical, and biological work hazards. They also need to Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, and to ensure safety regulation compliance.

Work Environment

Health and Safety Engineers typically work in offices or research laboratories. However, they also must spend time at worksites when necessary, which sometimes requires travel.

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Any Stream of Engineering.
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering.

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