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Industrial Production Managers oversee the daily operations of manufacturing and related plants. They coordinate, plan, and direct the activities used to create a wide range of goods, such as cars, computer equipment, or paper products.

Industrial Production Managers typically work in manufacturing, directing and overseeing the manufacturing process from beginning to end. They ensure that resources are used wisely and that manufacturing quantity and quality meet the demands of the work order. An industrial production manager's focus may include supply chain management, coordinating with sales representatives, procurement and logistics departments. They might manage production teams and oversee staffing, scheduling and inventory control.

Industrial Production Managers decide how best to use a plant’s workers and equipment to meet production goals, ensure that production on schedule and within budget and they also hire, train, and evaluate workers. They analyze production data, write routine stays production reports and monitor a plant’s workers to ensure they meet performance and safety requirements. Their duties also include creating ways to make the production process more efficient, determining whether new machines are needed, or whether overtime work is necessary and fixing any production problems that may arise.

Depending on the size of the manufacturing plant, industrial production managers may oversee the entire plant or just one area of it. They are responsible for carrying out quality control programs to make sure the finished product meets a prescribed level of quality. They generally choose from a number of programs that are standard in manufacturing industries, such as ISO 9000 or Six Sigma. These programs help a manager identify defects in products, identify the cause of the defect, and solve the problem creating it. Industrial production managers work closely with managers from other departments.

Work Environment

Industrial Production Managers split their time between the production area and a nearby office. When they are working in the production area, they may have to wear protective equipment such as a helmet or safety goggles.

Most Industrial Production Managers work full time, and many work long hours. In some facilities, managers work night or weekend shifts and must be on call to deal with emergencies at any time of day.

Entry Level Education

Bachelor’s/ Master's Degree in Business Administration or Industrial Engineering or related field.

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