Career as a Financial Risk Analyst


Financial Risk Analysts identify and analyse the areas of potential risk threatening the assets, earning capacity or success of organisations in the industrial, commercial or public sector. They are responsible for predicting change and future trends, as well as forecasting cost to the organisation.

Risk Analysts must keep track of developments in the economy alongside financial assessments to identify any repercussions or implications for their clients. Once they have identified potential risks, they recommend strategies to avoid or minimise them. Clients require daily monitoring of risks to their assets, credit and business status. Typical employers are financial institutions, though self-employment is also possible.

There are high degrees of specialisation within this profession. Risk analysts may work in sales, origination, trading, marketing, financial services or private banking, specialising in credit, market, operational, regulatory.

The duties of Financial Risk Analyst includes to analysing and anticipating market trends, conducting research to assess risks, calculating risks involved in transactions and business proposals, using statistical computer programmes and formulating contingency plans finally, recommending precautionary or improvement measures.

Work Environment

Financial Risk Analyst work is typically office based, though may require some travel within the working day when visiting other branches or organisations. Working hours are office hours with some overtime.

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Finance, Mathematics or Statistics.
  • Master’s Degree in Risk Management.

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