Career as a Financial Analyst


Person who does financial analysis for external or internal client is called Financial Analyst. Financial analysts gather and evaluate industry and economic fiscal data to predict investment performance. Their findings are used by businesses and individuals to make decisions about stocks, bonds and other financial stakes.

Some Financial Analysts work in the securities industry analyzing stocks, bonds and other securities for banks, brokerages, money management firms and other organizations. These financial analysts typically develop expertise in a narrow category of stocks or bonds, such as Canadian corporate bonds or technology stocks. While their clients may be companies, mutual funds, banks, pension funds, securities firms, insurance companies or brokerage firms, they assess their clients’ fundamentals to make business, sector and industry recommendations.

An Analyst plays a critical role in any business that his or her firm is representing. They take into account their client’s financial history, the vision of the company and direction it wants to take. They examine their client’s income and expenditure, risk tolerance and assess its current investments.

Work Environment

Financial Analysts are normally based in offices, but they also travel to consult with clients and investigate companies with investment potential. Financial analysts bear tremendous responsibility for the financial performance of an investment or corporate firm. Consequently, this is a high-stress job that requires fast decision making and utmost confidence. Most financial analysts work in typical corporate offices. They often spend considerable time on the phone calling experts, other analysts, and prospective trading partners. Some financial analysts also travel to meet with investment bankers, C-level executives, and other professionals in the industry

Entry Level Education

Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Business or related field; Master's Degree is common.

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