Career as an Electrical and Electronics Technician


Electrical and Electronics Technician task is to Install, inspect, test, maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot, upgrade and repair City-owned electrical and electronic systems. The electronics technician conducts, maintains, tests and repairs electrical and electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems and components. The position applies knowledge of electrical and electronic and mechanical principles in determining equipment malfunctions and applies skills in restoring equipment to operation. The electronics technician provides skilled mechanical and electrical and electronic support to all areas of manufacturing.

Industrial Electronics Technicians install electronic equipment using various power tools and machinery, including drill presses, pipe threaders, grinders, hoists, measuring devices, and testing equipment. They inspect and maintain existing equipment using similar tools, such as voltmeters and PC-based diagnostic software. This may require analysis and troubleshooting of complex problems. Industrial electronics technicians may also replace existing equipment based on age, operation, and functionality.

The responsibilities of Electrical and Electronics Technicians is to Constructs, maintains, and tests electrical systems and components. Uses measuring and diagnostic tools to test and modify electronic parts. Ensures systems and components meet established specifications.

The duties of Electronics and Electrics Technicians is to troubleshoots and repairs mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical and electronic equipment, including programmable controls, numeral controls, power supplies, drives, gauges and test equipment. They also plans and performs work requiring a thorough knowledge of electrical and electronic and mechanical theories and principles, writing specifications, local and national electrical codes, properties of various materials, and principles of operation and application of electronic equipment. They also installs, starts up and shuts down equipment in accordance with company safety procedures for machine activation.

Work Environment

Prepare and maintain accurate maintenance and repair records, present oral and written reports; performs electrical inspections; use and maintain a variety of tools and test equipment as required; answers emergency calls and performs emergency repairs; meet all standby program requirements; take standby duty, work any shift including weekends and holidays; perform related duties as assigned.

Entry Level Education

Diploma / Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology or closely related field.

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