Career as an Electrical Drafter


Electrical Drafters produce precise technical drawings, instruments, and information which indicate how equipment, devices, and parts are modified. They prepare wiring and layout diagrams used by workers who erect, install, and repair electrical equipment and wiring in communications centers, power plants, electrical distribution systems, and buildings.

The Electrical Drafters drawings provide visual guidelines and show how to construct a product or structure. The Electrical Drafters’ drawings include technical details and specify dimensions, materials, and procedures. The Electrical Drafter fills in technical details using drawings, rough sketches, specifications, and calculations made by engineers, surveyors, architects, or scientists. For example, many Electrical Drafters use their knowledge of standardized building techniques to drawing the details of structures. Some use their understanding of engineering and manufacturing theory and standards to draw the parts of a machine; they determine design elements, such as the numbers and kinds of fasteners needed to assemble the machine.

The duties of Electrical Drafter includes to prepares technical drawings and plans, which are used by production and construction workers to build everything from microchips to skyscrapers. The Electrical Drafter is concerned with making his technical plans to an exact precision in order to accommodate the customers’ needs. The Electrical Drafter is concerned with the ability of the customer to read the drawings and wants to make sure that they are very explicit.

Work Environment

Electrical Drafters usually work in comfortable offices. Most Electrical Drafters they spend long periods in front of computers doing detailed work. A few Electrical Drafters work part time but not very many. The type of work that they produce usually requires a lot of time and patients. The Electrical Drafters know this and when they start a project they expect to put a lot of quality time. Electrical Drafters use technical handbooks, tables, calculators, and computers to complete their work. Most Electrical Drafter’s use Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) systems to prepare drawings to the specification needed.

Entry Level Education

  • Diploma in Electrical / Instrumentation Design & Drafting.
  • Diploma in Electrical Designing & Drafting.

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