Career as a Decision Scientist


Decision Scientist looks at big data with a view to solve a business problem. Decision scientists are nurtured and valued in the organization and they have an acute understanding of the business's' goals and vision, can clearly define business problems and have the necessary acumen to solve these problems using data science skills. Decision Scientists who aim at helping organizations not only with deriving and translating meaningful insights but also assist in effective and profitable decision making.

Decision Scientist can deviously combine technology, mathematics; business and behavioral science are referred to as decision scientists. Decision scientists have the ability to create and gain buy-in for novel ideas with the main motive to produce a working model that can help business make effective data driven decisions. Data Scientist are professionals with expertise in math and technology but when you add in behavioral science, business acumen and design thinking to these professionals they can be termed as decision scientists who help in informed decision making and improved insights.

Decision Scientists must possess exceptional knowledge of the business domain along with expertise in technology, math and statistics. Decision scientists have intellectual and quantitative horsepower, have the ability to think from business synthesis and principles and have that special X factor i.e. the right curiosity quotient.

The Decision Scientist uses business know-how, statistical analysis, mathematical models, BI Dashboards and tests/ experiments to define/ structure a problem, convert it into a mathematical construct and use the model output to influence business decisions. Their responsibilities include defining the problem and looking at all possible approaches of solving it, Identifying all the data that you will need to solve this problem, then work of collecting this data from the various sources that the clients provide and cleaning and processing it to bring it in the form needed.

Work Environment

The term Decision Scientist can cover many roles across many industries and organizations from academic, to finance, or government. The finance, retail and e-commerce sectors are leading the way in hiring decision scientists to help them better understand different audience groups and target them with products specific to their tastes. However, progress is also being made in industries such as telecoms, transport, and oil and gas, as more companies come to rely on big data to make decisions that impact their sales, operations and workforce.

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Math & Statistics, Management Information Systems, Economics, Engineering or related field
  • Master's, MBA or PhD. in related field s preferred.
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