Career as a Creative Writer


Creative Writers are professionals who write for a variety of print and online publications. They write engaging and entertaining articles, essays, stories or poems for books, magazines, websites and scripts. Some of the stories or scripts they write may be adapted by television and film companies to be produced as a television show or movie.

Creative Writers typically produce fictional stories. The characters, setting and plot are derived from the rich and imaginative thinking of the writers and are not real. There are also creative nonfiction writers who write about real events and real people in an interesting and engaging manner. They usually write content for radio, television and film.

Some Creative Writers eventually get to publish their own books. They may get signed up with traditional publishing houses to have their books published in print. With the continued popularity of e-books these days, many publishing houses have also offered digital versions of their bestsellers. There are also many up-and-coming writers who decide to go the self-publishing route and have obtained some degree of success for their efforts. Many different fields utilize the talent of the creative writer. Advertising companies hire copywriters to prepare scripts for use in publications or broadcasting. Public relations firms employ writers to produce biographies, press releases and marketing materials for clients. Corporate communications departments engage creative writers for sales brochures, online promotional content and direct response letters. Fiction writers may be self-employed or develop creative works for businesses, academia or publishing companies.

Work Environment

Freelance writers are paid per assignment; therefore, they work any number of hours necessary to meet a deadline. As a result, they must be willing to work evenings and weekends to produce something acceptable to an editor or client. As a creative writer, you can work in a variety of different industries. You can get a job in the information industry, the professional, scientific and technical services industry and even in the entertainment, recreation and even educational services industry. Salaried writers work fulltime in offices during regular hours.

Entry Level Education

A Bachelor's Degree is typically needed for a full-time job as a writer. Because writing skills are essential in this occupation, many employers prefer candidates with a degree in English, Journalism, or Communications.

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