Career as a Copy Writer


Copywriters write the words used in advertising campaigns, known as the 'copy'. Copy can include scripts to be read for TV and radio advertisements, or the text that appears in print and online advertisements, some copywriters may also write shorts song, or jingles, for radio and TV. They work closely with other professionals in the advertising field, including graphic designers, multimedia developers and market research analysts, to develop effective advertising campaigns that meet their client's requirements. Copywriters may think up the names of products, develop slogans and decide which features of a product should be emphasized in promotional material. Copywriters might work for a company or work as a freelancer. They are hired based on their ability to create compelling text that draws readers in, conveys a certain message or entertains.

A Copywriter provides creative ideas or concepts, and can take the client's idea and give it substance, direction and content. Copywriter's work in a variety of areas like public relations, advertising and marketing, audiovisual & broadcast material, speech writing wherein they work on feature articles, press kits, news releases, product updates, ads, sales letters, trade show displays, fliers, brochures, catalogs, post cards, radio ads, television commercials, video scripts and audio scripts are used for fundraising, recruiting, training and teaching by organizations, the government, educators and businesses etc.

Copywriters who work for reports, technical papers, training manuals, instruction manuals, data sheets, and where all manner of technical documentation is needed they have to possess a background in science, engineering, computer programing etc. Copy writer works for online copy , they write wiki pages, websites, auto-responder messages, banner ads, video and podcast scripts, online sales pages, email marketing, product descriptions, and other content.

Work Environment

Copywriters often work in advertising firms and offices in the perth metropolitan region, though there may be opportunities for freelance work or to work from home. They may occasionally be required to travel to client's workplaces to examine products and services being advertised. The working hours can be long, and may include evenings and weekends, particularly when working to tight deadlines.

Entry Level Education

Bachelor Degree in Advertising, Marketing, Communication, Journalism, related field.

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