Career as a Computer Systems Analyst


A Computer Systems Analyst is someone who analyzes a company's current computer systems and procedures, and then figures out a way to have the company operate in a more efficient and effective way by providing technology design solutions. They are the people that can bring business and information technology together by understanding the needs and limitations of both.

The role of a Computer Systems Analyst is to act like a digital investigator. They document technology systems in order to understand, change, improve, and help rebuild these systems. This might include finding out why a computer system is failing by using specific software to track applications, systems, databases, and networks.

Computer Systems Analysts use data modeling to design computer systems (among other techniques), which gives them the opportunity to take a look at the processes and data flows even before any programs have been written. Once the programs have been written, in-depth tests will be conducted and information will be analyzed in order to pick up any trends in the data that can give a clue as to how to increase a system’s performance and efficiency.

Computer Systems Analysts also work out requirements for how much memory and speed the computer system needs, prepare flowcharts for engineers or programmers to use when building the system, and are involved in solving problems that come up after the initial system is set up. They often serve as information brokers, with the documentation prepared by computer systems analysts often becoming the final say on what a system is or does.

Work Environment

The main duties of a Computer System Analyst is to observe whether the computer systems are functionally optimally, it is the responsibility of a computer analyst to monitor and test the system in operation and troubleshooting problems. A computer analyst also chooses to configure hardware, software and matching technology which cope up with user needs. A system analyst has to design an appropriate improved IT solution based on their findings and discussions with clients. System analysts also play an important role in bringing the IT and business together. These system analysts must have a clear idea on how technology impacts business. The system analysts also work in Industries as well as finance, banking, and health care. Therefore, system analyst must understand the business field he/she working in. In the case of Software Quality Assurance (QA) Analysts, they need to go in depth testing of systems. They need to run tests and diagnose the problems and make sure that critical requirements are met.

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science, Computer Science or any Computer related field.
  • Masters in Computer Science or Business Administration (MBA).

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