Career as a Biochemist



Biochemists are biologists with specialization on chemistry. They study living things but they focus on the chemical reaction and processes involved in the body of living things. Biochemists often work to discover new chemical processes that affect important factors of living things such as reproduction, genetics and heredity. Findings made by biochemists could be used to formulate medicine or create a new strategy to for healing or to simply address the problems of nature.

Biochemists work with the chemical composition of living organisms and perform studies of the chemical processes involved in all basic life functions. Through research, experimentation and study, these professionals provide us with much of the background knowledge on topics like genetics and heredity. Biochemists also collect data for other researchers and scientists, enabling them to make improvements to existing drugs, systems or products. For example, biochemists in the agricultural industry may help develop new and better pesticides to kill insects without harming humans.

The duties of Biochemist includes to planning and conducting experiments, analyzing products and developing new products. Biochemists are also responsible for presenting their findings to peers and creating grant proposals to acquire funding.

Work Environment

Most Biochemists work for government agencies, corporations or university research departments. Work is generally conducted in an office setting or laboratory. Biochemist often works in the laboratory where they conduct their testing and research of chemical interaction on animals and plants. They analyze the food production and determine how it can affect the animals and plants to a certain degree. Some biochemists could also work on the field where they gather information on the habitat that could provide clues on certain chemical reaction on their subject. Many biochemists are part of a university where they conduct their research and teach at the same time.

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in B.Sc Biochemistry, Chemistry.
  • M.Sc and MD in Biochemistry.
  • Ph.D and M.Phil in Biochemistry.

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