Career as an Agriculture Scientist


Agricultural studies give you the skills you need to work in the production of food and fiber – anywhere in the world. Agriculture is the world’s largest and most diverse industry – agricultural university could prepare you for work as an agribusiness manager, a trader on the stock market, a winegrower, or a farmer on a large property. No matter which path you choose, the world demand for food and land produce continues to grow, and solutions to manage our resources better need to be found.

Agricultural scientists investigate plants, animals and soils to research and eventually improve the quality of food, farming or the environment. Agricultural science is a broad field that includes jobs ranging from environmental conservation to food science. Students who major in the field have many potential career options, such as livestock management or environmental research, to which they can tailor their education.

Agricultural scientists develop more cost-effective ways of producing agricultural products by researching and experimenting with plant yields, animal reproduction and nutrition, and farm management. They primarily work in two fields: In basic research, they try to understand the processes behind the growth of crops and animals. In applied research they turn that knowledge into practical methods for improving food quality. Both types can create new food products. These scientists communicate the advantages of their findings to colleagues, managers and the public through reports and presentations

Many agricultural scientists focus on studying the DNA of the various plants, looking for any particular gene that makes one plant perform better than another.

Work Environment

Agricultural scientists may work in laboratories, in offices, in the field or in a combination of these. Some work alone but most work as members of a team alongside other scientists, farmers and other people involved in providing services to the agricultural industry.

Entry Level Education

Bachelor of Biotechnology, Agriculture Science

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