Career as an Aerospace Engineer


An Aerospace Engineer is someone who designs aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles, and systems for national defense. In addition, they test prototypes to make sure they function according to design.

Aerospace Engineers receive proposals for projects and evaluate them for a variety of factors. Aerospace engineers can develop new technologies in these fields, designing new types of aerospace products. They must determine if the proposed project will be technically possible, financially possible, and safe. They will determine if the product meets the needs of the customer, can surpass environmental challenges, and can meet engineering principles. Once they have approved a project, they are in charge of coordinating the design and manufacturing of the product. They will also direct the final testing of the product and ensure that the project meets the proper quality standards. If there is a malfunction or damage in a product, they must identify the problem and any possible solutions.

Aerospace Engineers usually specialize in different types of products, including commercial and military products, remote-piloted aircraft, launch vehicles, or rockets. There are two types of aerospace engineers: aeronautical engineers, who works with aircraft, and astronautical engineers, who work with spacecraft. They can be employed in a huge variety of industries and companies.

The duties of Aerospace Engineers includes to perform a variety of engineering work in designing, constructing, and testing aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. They may also recommend improvements in testing equipment and techniques, may also conduct basic and applied research to evaluate adaptability of materials and equipment to aircraft design and manufacture.

Work Environment

They spend a large amount of their time in an office environment, using sophisticated computer software to design and create models and simulate testing. They will work with many other professionals involved in the design and building of the aircraft or spacecraft components, so they must be able to communicate very well and work in a team to efficiently reach a common goal.

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor’s Course: Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree of four year duration.
  • Master courses: Master of Aerospace Engineering (MAE), degree of three years duration.
  • Master of Science in Aeronautics & Astronautics, M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering.
  • Ph D in Aerospace Engineering.

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