Career as an Administrative Service Manager


Administrative Service Managers supervise and direct organizational supported services necessary for efficient operation. This may include coordinating and centralizing the operations of several departments, like combining distribution, information and mail services. Administrative services managers plan, direct, and coordinate supportive services of an organization. In a small organization, they may direct all support services and may be called the business office manager. Large organizations may have several layers of administrative managers who specialize in different areas.

They have a variety of responsibilities and supervise supply, personal property procurement, recycling and disposal, secretarial and reception services, energy consumption, administration, parking, security, payroll, information and data processing, mail, telecommunications management, conference planning and travel, records management, scheduling, distribution, printing, and production. Administrative service managers working as facility managers, supervise employees as well as design, plan, and manage buildings, supplies, grounds, and equipment.

The duties of an Administration Service Manager typically include buying, storing, and distributing supplies. They would supervise administrative and clerical personnel and set goals and deadlines for their department. He or she would develop, manage, and monitor records or recommend changes to policy or procedures to improve operations.

An Administration Service Manager plans budgeting for supplies, contracts and equipment. They oversee the maintenance and repair of machinery, electrical and mechanical equipment, and equipment. They are responsible for ensuring the facilities meet security, health, and environmental standards as well as complying with any government regulations. He or she maintains safety and security and keeps the facility well maintained. The variety of duties for an administration service manager depends on the type manager they are such as contract administrator, facility manager, or records and information manager.

Work Environment

Administrative Service Managers usually work in comfortable offices, and managers working in personal property procurement disposal and use or contract administration, may be required to travel between their branch offices, property sales sites, their home office, or a vendor's' offices. Likewise, facility managers overseeing workspace design travel between construction sites to supervise maintenance and custodial employees. Technological improvements have increased the number of managers telecommuting from home and other offices while teleconferencing has decreased travel. They may work outdoors supervising the facilities' landscaping, grounds keeping, security, and parking.

Entry Level Education

Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree in Business, Business Administration, Facility Management, or in similar related field.

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