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If not a Doctor or an Engineer, what else could you be?

By Dr. Nandkishore Rathi | Updated on Sep 31, 2023

Many great and successful people are asked a question during an interview with the media: What would you be if you were not an Actor/Politician/ Scientist/ Writer or an Entrepreneur?

Meaning, what they basically wanted to be as per their parents' wishes, or as per the influence of their friends and relatives as Plan-A. Then they give a reply 'how they chose the field in which they are so successful'. Meaning, what they aimed at, at the first instance, was not the right choice. E.g. as per Wikipedia:

"Sushant Singh Rajput did not have any interest in engineering but his family gave him no option which left him dissatisfied. He instead wanted to become an astronaut and later an air force pilot but was also interested in Bollywood. He dropped out of his engineering course during his fourth year to begin a career in arts and performance"

I ask a question to every experienced person, who comes to us for career guidance: 'was engineering or computer science or MBA your choice'.  The answer they give surprises me, as most say, it was 'not a well-thought-out decision'. Some say parents told, some say I knew only about medical and engineering, etc. In fact, some of them wanted to be artists, psychotherapist, journalists, IAS but everybody around felt engineering would give job security. When they did not find engineering interesting, and did not see a future in that (during the degree course), they opted for an MBA or MS. Many continue to struggle despite so much education and hard work.

The moral of the story is: there are some career options that are right for each student, and some are not. If they choose the wrong one, they become 'average', and if they choose the right one, they become 'great'.

The basis for identifying the right career options is the assessment of your personality, ability, and true interest by taking psychometric career test. One needs to understand 'who am I' and 'what is right for me for the long-term success & happiness', otherwise one keeps struggling in the job or professional market endlessly.