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Success = Your Type + Your Direction

By Dr. Nandkishore Rathi | Updated on Jul 31, 2023

Success and happiness in career and life are 2 most important aspects that make them meaningful. Without willingness to passionately work and take more responsibility, no one can grow and make-a-great-career-story. We have a tendency to avoid certain type of work and welcome some other kind. What we avoid is what we dislike, and feel uncomfortable with; what we welcome is what we enjoy and feel at peace. E.g. some CEO may like to engage more with technology rather than marketing or finance. Some professor may enjoy more of publishing papers rather than correcting question papers. Some actors feel delighted with theatre rather than films. Some technologist may like to innovate only when it is addressing an individual's pain and not for other application.

This subtle differentiation between people's dissatisfaction, joy, delight, irritation or fulfillment (with various work-related activities) is due to dynamic interaction between various factors such as their passion, interest, work styles, work personality, competencies, education, social factors, experiences, exposure etc. Its your 'package' that you need to holistically apply in the direction that you are passionate about.

The super-success-stories of some people like Steve Jobs, Amitabh Bachchan, Virat Kohli, Javed Akhtar, Chetan Bhagat, Narendra Modi, APJ Kalam, MK Gandhi, Kapil Sharma is the result of the application of their self-package in the right direction.

So, ask yourself what is your 'package' as a one-piece 360 degree USP, and then explore where it has to be applied in the most emerging field of your passionate interest. Once you do this, no one is your competitor. Happy Career!