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Degree, Job, Degree . .another Job, then What?

By Dr. Nandkishore Rathi | Updated on Aug 12, 2023

We get a degree and then we get a job (most of the time both not chosen thoughtfully). We don't like the job some times, and change it. If we don't like that too for whatsoever reason, we take another degree, this time more optimistically (the PG), then you get a 'final job' and don't feel happy about the Career Growth or about the 'type of work' or about the 'manager'. Then what do we do? Take one more degree? or Change one more job?

Many great minds are facing this situation today, particularly in India. The fundamental question is 'are you enjoying your degree studies'. If so, then use that knowledge in your job and be an 'expert'. Take that expertise to the next level by doing great work. Your study or job, if chosen rightly, should make you feel in sync with your long term dream. Meaning, you should feel, every day, that you are inching in the right direction. You should enjoy the journey, because your dream is taking shape on this path.

If your current job is not making you feel like this, its time to introspect take a pause and ponder over your true passion, and make next right choice in line with your talent & interests (not market/scope), towards a great journey and many great destinations. The world of work belongs to those who are the best (in their field), and puts a high price-tag on them. So find 'what you are best at', and 'what you enjoy the most', so that you get noticed & rewarded for what you truly deserve.